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Dating is a competitive sport these days. Many people trying to get each other’s attention and then keep it. That puts a lot of pressure on people who are just trying to make a connection. It takes a lot of effort to impress someone over dinner. What should have been a fun and pleasant dining experience becomes a stressful event full of anxiety and second guessing. Or worse it becomes boring and dull, with neither person showing enough of who they really are to become interesting. Second dates are hard won, not automatic.

1. Break Away From The Expected Dating Experience.

Take control back. Don’t do the expected. It is difficult to stand out from a sea of similar dates. So instead of trying to fight the tide, get out of the boat and walk along the shore. In other words don’t try to stand out by doing what everyone else is doing. Take the stress out by letting the date itself stand out and spend the time getting to know one another instead of impressing each other.

2. The Creative Date Stands Out.

Dating should be fun, creative and let people’s personalities show. Instead dates have become formulized and routine. A non-standardized or creative date is going to take the routine and boredom out of the encounter. If a date is fun and different from all others there is a higher chance of a second date and possibly a successful relationship.

3. Creative Dating Can Be Simple, Quick And Easy.

Not everyone has the time or energy to be creative. It is simple, quick and easy to do the standard date thing and hope things work out. The book 300 Creative Dates makes it easier to have the unexpected and successful dates. 300 Creative Dates presents 300 options to enjoy each other’s company without doing the same old boring things. The ideas within this book are stepping stones to a successful relationship.

4. Be An Individual.

Not every date idea in the book is going to be right for every person or couple. The idea is to go through 300 Creative Dates and find the ideas that fit an individual’s personality and lifestyle. This book is not about being “someone” else or doing what worked for someone else. It is about being an individual and standing out from a crowd. 300 Creative Dates is a valuable tool to make things easier to start a successful relationship.

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Value: 10 out of 10

300 Creative Dates is an excellent guide to making your romantic life more exciting, but of course not all of the dates will be suited to your personal tastes.

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