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Aion Mastery

Overall Rank: 9.9 out of 10

Short Review:

There is this intense MMO called Aion. It is amazing to play, but can also be time consuming and expensive. It can be difficult to go from level to level without a little outside help, such as a game guide. The question becomes what guide to use.

1. Aion Mastery Game Guide is a Good Choice.

The guild is not about cheats. It is about strategy and knowing how to work within the game. The Aion Mastery Guide teaches individuals how to become better players. It is about playing the game to the best of an individual’s abilities. The guide provides the information on how to make the most out of the game instead of stumbling around the game trying to succeed.  As a result those who use the guild dominate over those who do not.

2. What is in the Game Guide?

Aion Mastery breaks the game down to the most basic and core components. Master those and master the game.  This guide is designed to get a player to level fifty as fast as possible, without having to play every day, all day and spending lots of money. Not just on the Elyos race or Asmodian race but both races. However, it is not just about reaching level fifty. It is also about having lots of Kinah as well. Aion Mastery provides a walk through guide focused on generating Kinah. It shows what to make, how to craft it and what to farm to generate the highest levels of Kinah by level fifty. The included Aion Mastery Hunting List.

3. Is There Any Savings to be Found Using the Game Guide?

MMO games can be expensive. This guide has been designed to keep the real money costs down well allowing a player to rise in levels and earn more than enough Kinah. There is no sense spending a lot of money trying to increase levels. Also, why spend money on a guide unless it will save money and increase game play? This game guide focuses on getting through each level quickly but still getting all the extras and earning as much Kinah as possible. This game guide is money well spent and will actually pay for itself with the savings and cost reductions it provides.

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Aion Mastery


  • Reach Level 50 as an Elyos in Record Time with a Complete Leveling Guide.
  • Reach Level 50 as an Asmodian in Record Time with a Complete Leveling Guide.
  • Detailed Crafting Strategies Help you Choose the Right Craft and Get Started Fast.
  • Learn which Items are Worth Big Kinah When You Hit Level 50.
  • Find the Best Named Mobs throughout the Game with the Aion Mastery Hunting List.
  • Destroy Your Competition with In-Game Tips Littered Throughout the Leveling Guide.
  • Free Premium Updates of the Guide!

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

The Aion Mastery game guide simply makes it easier to learn, and to play better.

Price: $67.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

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Aion Mastery

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