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Submitting articles manually to article directories and major publishers could be a very hard job for article write, even if it has its advantages. These advantages can be summarized in personalizing the article every time you submit it to a different article directory; also, you can change between different article resource boxes that you can add to the article.

But does it really impossible to get these features automatic? The answer is yes and no. yes because there are few article submission software programs that contain features, which can help you, perform these tasks automatically, but the answer could be absolute no in many times, because there are a lot of this article submission programs that lack these essential features.

Let us look deep inside one of the best ranking software programs that really can help you submit an article automatically to over 600 high quality articles directories and major publishers. It is called Article Submitter Platinum. First of all, it is not expensive; the price is really cost effective. Not to mention the time efficiency. It works smoothly in the back area while you concentrate on writing a new article.

Let us concentrate on the features that are not found in other article submission software:

  • Submit your article to 210 article directories with ONE click of your Best Article Submission Programmouse! And then go golfing while IT does the work!
  • Blast your article to an additional 165 article directories almost as easy. That makes 374 article directories in total!
  • Focus your time on the things that make you the most money so you can make more of it!
  • Blow Article Submitter and Article Submitter Gold away by submitting 97X faster!  And you know they blow every other submitter away already!
  • And Much, Much More!

You must check that these features are present in any article submission software that you intend to buy as that what makes the article looks like submitted manually and personalized. Of course, you do not want the search engine to omit your article but you want your article to stay indexed for the longest time possible.

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