Building Back Links To a Squidoo Lens

Building back links is like hanging arrows and signs out on the web to direct traffic to your squidoo lens. It is the most convenient way to guide people who share interest in the content of you squidoo lens to click through the link and read what you have written there.

The whole point of creating a squidoo lens is to build a check point thatBuilding Back Links To a Squidoo Lens funnels traffic from all around the World Wide Web to your affiliate merchant. So, from my point of view it typically a ‘lens’, not just a web site, that converges visitors and potential customers from other sites and guide them to a vendor or a merchant.

According to that, the back link, which is the arrow that points to your lens, should be hung in a clear place where a lot of people see. That means you must build your back link in a popular place. Popular place is normally a web site with a good rate of traffic and relevant to your niche. Building a back link is not a difficult process but should be carried out carefully to perform its function in the right way.

For example, if you are adding a back link in a blog or a forum. First, you have to choose a blog or forum that is relevant to what you are promoting so when the visitor sees your post which contains the link, he will click through it as he is expecting to find more info about the same issue.

Consequently, before you build the link you must prepare some interesting and well researched content in your lens that will attract the visitor to stay for a while in your lens and then click through to the affiliate merchant.

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