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Calling Men is a guide to having good, meaningful conversations with the man in your life. It was created by a relationship expert, and it includes tips for women who may feel shy or hesitant about calling men.

1. Attitude is Everything.

This comprehensive guide gives you the tools you need to sound confident and sure of yourself when you call men. Calling Men is not just a collection of phrases and key words, it includes tips about how you can keep your man interested in talking to you simply by the way you speak to him on the phone. The book helps you figure out how to stop creating negative impressions of yourself through your phone manner. You will also learn how to get the man on the other end of the line to open up and speak more freely about what he’s thinking.

2. Explanations of Why the Tips Work.

Calling Men explains the methods behind all of the tips included in the book. When you understand why a certain method works, you will feel more confident when you use that method in real life. It explains what men think about when a woman calls them, and that sometimes your best tactic is to avoid calling at all. This simple guide outlines several scenarios and how you can best respond to each of them to further enhance your relationship. It teaches you how to tell when the call is effective and when the call is actually harmful.

3. What Kind of Effect Does Your Call Have on Your Relationship?

In Calling Men, you will learn exactly what kind of impression a man gets about you when you initiate a phone call. In some cases, calling the man before he calls you can give him an extra sense of power that he can use to manipulate you and your relationship later. You’ll learn techniques for getting a man to ask you for your phone number, and then intriguing him enough so that he will take the pressure off of you and actually call you before you think about calling him.

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  • What to do if he suggests that you call him.
  • What to do if he calls but then doesn’t leave a message.
  • What you should do if he is slow about calling you back.
  • What about an e-mail? Is that the same as a call?
  • What if he hasn’t called for an extended period of time but suddenly calls?
  • What is the reasoning behind why men won’t call.
  • Is text messaging and instant messaging considered to be the same as a phone call.
  • Why you might benefit from not calling him.
  • How to handle calls and e-mails that will make him want you more.
  • Why you might belittle yourself by calling him.
  • What most men feel about a woman who calls when he’s not calling her.

Value: 10 out of 10

Calling Men gives you the tools you need to have effective communication with men, no matter what your situation is.

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