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In the never-ending war to stay healthy there is a simple equation:

  • Calories taken in provide energy to use.
  • Unused calories get deposited as fat.
  • Exercise burns off calories.
  • Calories in excess of exercise builds fat; exercise in excess of calories reduces weight.

Observe this policy and you will remain fit and healthy, although it never really as easy as this in real life is it? After all, we all live with our emotions and moods and various crises often place us too near life’s precipices to remain focused totally on staying healthy every day of our lives. However, there are lots of exercise programs and products that can make the job of staying healthy much easier, such as Jump Soles, Speed Trainers and, of course Double Your Vertical Leap which has been advertised as being able to increase your jumping capacity in just a few months.

1. What Exactly Is Double Your Vertical Leap?

Basically, Double Your Vertical Leap really does exactly what you would expect: it increases your ability to jump from those heights considered to be normal to heights that are far higher and which would do justice to an athlete in training. Now, whether you actually want to become an athlete or just want to get fit, Double Your Vertical Leap could well be the product to help you achieve your desire. Regardless of your own reasons, there is absolutely no doubt that this kind of exercise is excellent news for your heart, however.

Double Your Vertical Leap is a step-by-step training program put together by Luke Lowrey who has trained Olympic athletes and other professionals. If you follow this program you can expect to be able to jump more than 6 inches in about 60 days. Furthermore, if you are not able to increase the height you can jump within these 60 days, Lowrey will actually pay you $100 of his own money since he is so confident that his Double Your Vertical Leap program works.

2. What Does The Double Your Vertical Leap Program Consist Of?

The Double Your Vertical Leap program is divided into three volumes, consisting of the training volume, the recovery volume and the volume that focuses on getting you started. As well as the exercises which are based on mathematically designed repetitions and frequencies, you will also get sets of schedules and an explanation of the science surrounding this training system.

3. Does Double Your Vertical Leap Really Work?

You will also get information about nutrition as well. In fact, you will get everything to achieve that goal of being able to jump 100% higher than you did previously and certainly 6 inches more within 60 days, regardless of your current physical condition, your age or your background. In fact, Double Your Vertical Leap has been described as being the best of its kind currently available.

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  • Discover 2 Jumping Secrets that Guarantees Overnight success.
  • Want to learn training tweaks that “trick” an athlete’s body into a producing more inches of vertical immediately.
  • How to construct your EXACT nutrient intake for higher hops.
  • Turbo-Charged neurological firing and athletic explosiveness through proper nutritional manipulation.
  • Three 5-week “phases” to help avoid stagnancy and bust through “results plateaus”.
  • 98% stronger is just one workout.
  • Free vertical jump 1 on 1 coaching.

Value: 10 out of 10

Double Your Vertical Leap program helps you increase your vertical leap by 2-4 inches and achieve maximum results within weeks.

Price: $47.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

Review Board: Double Your Vertical Leap

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