Duplicate Content – Can I Put My Articles On My Site?

Duplicate content is a problem that every article writer fears because they know that any page tagged with a “duplicate content flag” is devalued from the search engine result page quickly. But there are some pros and cons that we should at when we weight that problem.

For example, if you are an article writer then you know for sure the purpose of your article. If it were a sales article then you would care more for getting many readers to view it. If you decide to do this by distributing it to other web sites then you have two options. Whether to submit it to one web site after other with a reasonable period of time so it forms like a wave. In other words, when the article viewing rate decrease in one then you submit it to another one or you can submit different versions to many sites in the same time in order to avoid duplicate content issues.

Duplicate ContentIf you decided to publish the article in your own website first, then do this for a while and just distribute some links in article syndications and other sites linking back to the article in your site. But this is not the end of the story, you should maintain fresh content to get more visitors and to be ranked higher in the SE results then you should rewrite your articles periodically to keep them look like fresh content.

If you are writing your article and your mind is thinking of getting profit from the adsense for example then you are looking only at the amount of viewers. Then, what you have to do is to keep the original article in one site, whether it is yours or not then link back to that article from different site. I myself prefer to publish articles in my own site because this increases the possibility that a viewer’s eye is caught by an ad in the page so I get a profit from ends, adsense and the affiliate job.

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