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Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

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Easy Video Player is a marketing tool that gives internet marketers an opportunity to harness the power of online video and apply it to their products. Through interactive video elements, you will be able to engage your customers and develop a relationship you couldn’t have created through plain text alone.

1. Keeping Up With Technology Keeps Customers Coming Back.

Using the Easy Video Player system will keep your online business on the cutting edge of new, popular technology. The software makes it easy to create videos that describe your product and put a friendly face to the information on your website. When customers know what you look like and can hear your voice, the site becomes much friendlier and more interesting. You’ll have a way to get people to stay on your site longer, which means the odds are higher that they will actually purchase something.

2. Make More Sales Through Interactive Elements.

Easy Video Player includes some nifty gadgets that you won’t find with other simple video creation tools. You can embed clickable links into your videos using this software, which makes it easy for your customers to click through as soon as they decide they like what you have to say. You can include direct purchase links in your video, contact links, and any other type of interactive link that gives your customer the option to investigate your products further. The videos load quickly, so your customer doesn’t have to wait for the buffering to finish, and you can catch them when their interest is highest just after they open the web page.

3. Gain Trust And Make More Sales.

Human interaction is a large part of creating the trust that sells products on the internet. Easy Video Player allows you to show your customers that you are a real person and not trying to scam them. Seeing you explain your product will make people more open to purchasing something from you because they’ll feel like they know you a little bit. Easy Video Player brings the most important element of brick and mortar sales – human interaction – into the online world seamlessly.

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  • Embed buy now buttons right into your video.
  • Viral share videos to skyrocket profits.
  • Embed opt in forms into your videos to build your lists.
  • Auto redirect videos to a cart or affiliate checkout page.
  • Integrate video serving with Amazon S3 easily.
  • Secure your members only video content easily.
  • Power audio and podcast playback on your sites quickly.
  • Easily embed videos into any site in seconds.
  • Track views, clicks, plays, opt ins and sales from your videos.
  • Plus much much more.

Value: 10 out of 10

The Easy Video Player is easy enough to use that you will be able to create your video quickly and have it posted online in absolutely no time.

Price: $127.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

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