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The Every Other Day Diet is designed to help you lose weight by eating foods in a balanced manner that your body can recognize and utilize. It helps you discover the foods that are most harmful to your system, and learn to eat foods that give you the best chance to naturally lose weight.

1. Ancient Eating Habits Can Help.

The Every Other Day Diet is based on the understanding that our bodies were created to use the natural foods that were available to our earliest ancestors. The system explains what kinds of foods the earliest humans ate, and the eating patterns that they used. You’ll learn how you can alter your diet habits to fit those eating patterns more closely, which will fit directly into the original design of your digestive system. This diet will teach you how to avoid the man-made eating patterns that have developed over the last few decades and return to a more natural food pattern.

2. Common Diets Cause You To Gain Weight.

One of the first things you learn when you use the Every Other Day Diet is that a common Western diet is probably the worst way to feed your body. It explains that our bodies will become accustomed to eating the same foods every day, and begin to store the excess food for later use. This system teaches you how to create a more diverse diet so that your body begins to utilize all of the food you eat instead of packing it away into extra pounds.

3. Timing Is Everything.

The Every Other Day Diet is exactly what it sounds like – you follow a specific, targeted diet every other day. That means that on your off days you can eat whatever you like, including junk food. On the diet days, however, you eat specific amounts of certain types of foods to prepare you to burn off the calories from the food you will eat on your off days. This method teaches your body to use those extra calories and fats to boost your metabolism instead of storing them away as unwanted fat.

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  • The diet is simple and makes scientific sense.
  • The ebook is well written and easy to follow.
  • The bonuses included with the ebook were of high quality and were useful.
  • The free year’s worth of weekly support newsletters are a great resource.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

The Every Other Day Diet is not really a diet in the true sense of the word. It is more of a nutrition plan.

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