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As a veteran of many online survey companies and focus groups, I was quite interested to see what Express Paid Surveys was offering. The premise behind the success of survey companies is the need by companies for the input of normal everyday people. For a company to become successfully established in the world of retail they need to be able to put their finger on the kinds of products and services the man in the street expects and would go looking for – something that fulfils a need: in other words, market research. It is this market research that makes online surveys, such as Express Paid Surveys, so popular and able to pay out to people who take the trouble to complete surveys and who expect to get paid for the privilege. The questions themselves are fairly innocuous but, your answers to these questions are worth their weight in gold to the companies concerned.

1. Join As Many As You Can.

Online you will find many online directories advising you which the best paid surveys are and where they can be found. Whilst many of these directories are little more than sales’ pages for the individual surveys concerned, there are other directories where, for a small administration fee, you are provided with an enormous range of the latest paid surveys, such as Express Paid Surveys, where they can be found online and the type of remuneration you can expect from each one. Basically, without access to this information it is very difficult to make any headway into the lucrative world of paid surveys. The best survey companies match your personal details very carefully to their criteria so, in effect, you will only be offered paid work a few times a month. However, if you join one of these directories such as Express Paid Surveys, you will obtain a long list of many paid surveys you can join and which, between them, should provide regular work for you on a full-time basis.

2. One Of The Best Online Paid Surveys.

Express Paid Surveys has been investigated extensively and been found to be one of the best online paid surveys directories available. With Express Paid Surveys there is no risk to yourself: they are a legitimate company. When you join Express Paid Surveys you will need to choose between three membership levels: 3 month; annual; and lifetime. The site itself is user-friendly and, apart from giving you access to a load of surveys, offers some valuable advice on how to negotiate your way around the minefield of earning money online. If you join Express Paid Surveys you will find that the online surveys they support are all top quality ones: their lists may be a bit smaller than other directories, but those surveys attributed to Express Paid Surveys are all quality companies.

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Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Express Paid Surveys is one of the slickest “get paid to take surveys” websites available on the internet.

Price: $34.95 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

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