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First and foremost, from a nutritional point of view, it is perfectly possible to lose 26lbs in 7 weeks. However, to do so you would have to follow a pretty stringent diet and exercise program. Fat Loss Factor actually claims to increase metabolism so that fat is burnt more efficiently and effectively than prior to following the Fat Loss Factor. Furthermore, too many people are prepared to shout “scam” when a new program, such as the Fat Loss Factor, comes onto the market that asks for your money. Whilst it is good to be wary, not every program on the internet is a scam.

What Is The Fat Loss Factor.

This Fat Loss Factor and fitness program was researched and developed by Michael Allen. It has been claimed that the Fat Loss Factor increases energy quite appreciably, boosts users’ immune systems and will flatten their stomachs. Let’s take each claim in turn:

1. Appreciable Increase In Energy.

One thing you will notice when you exercise more is a profound increase in energy. This is due to the additional perfusion of oxygen that bathes each of your cells during and after exercise, making itself available, through a biochemical action, as additional energy. When you have more energy through exercise it is a well-known fact that your metabolism speeds up.

2. Boost to Immune Systems.

The additional oxygen within your cells can be taken up by certain chemicals that are necessary for protecting your immune system. The addition of oxygen to these cells increases the effectiveness of your immune system.

3. Flatter Stomachs.

When you exercise on a regular basis one of the first places where you notice the effects are around your abdomen. Furthermore, any fat that is particularly prevalent in that area burns off much faster than fat that is laid down in other areas. These characteristics combine to provide you with a flatter-looking stomach in no time.

Is The Fat Loss Factor Effective?

From a scientific point of view – definitely! However, it is important to realize that the Fat Loss Factor is not a panacea that will magically waive away any fat. To achieve the claims made above, no matter how honest and true they are from a scientific perspective, you will have to work hard and be particularly diligent at following the Fat Loss Factor. This is going to take discipline and commitment from you, although the results are waiting just around the corner and are perfectly achievable.

Basically, the Fat Loss Factor is a carefully thought out program of eating and exercise that will provide you with all the information you are going to need to eating in such a way that you will see your excess fat beginning to melt away. Additional information in the Fat Loss Factor provides an explanation of all the exercises necessary to speed up your metabolism and get back in shape.

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  • A thorough process of flushing out the body’s system is a refreshing beginning to a weight loss/healthy diet program. Pages 9-13.
  • Tips and instructions for executing High Intensity Interval Training are given so that you are able to achieve more fat burning exercise in less time. Pages 25-27.
  • An extensive section of healthy foods and their benefits to health and body are outlined in pages 28 through 56.
  • There is a nice section on Rest Management which has overall health benefits for the body through providing more energy, a more active immune system, weight loss hormone production and increased memory and brain function. Pages 65, 66.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Fat Loss Factor is a fat loss program designed to help you lose fat through good well balanced nutrition and short intense exercise.

Price: $39.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

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