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Fat Loss Troubleshoot

Overall Rank: 9.8 out of 10

Short Review:

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot written by Leigh Peele, a personal trainer, nutritional consultant and writer, has been written as supplemental information to pre-existing guides already on the market. This guide has been written with the intention of applying basic principles to already successful weight loss programmers.

1. What Will You Find Inside Leigh Peele Fat Loss Troubleshoot Guide?

This book, the Fat Loss Troubleshoot, consists of 148 pages, written in 19 chapters, each chapter consisting of around 5 pages and focusing on a different aspect of losing weight, such as aerobic / resistance training etc. Rather than being written in full sentences, Leigh Peele makes her point by using bullet points providing the most relevant information. As with all good guides, the final chapter is a summary, capturing all the ideas introduced throughout the book, and providing appropriate explanations for them.

2. What Is Fat Loss Troubleshoot Guide All About?

This Fat Loss Troubleshoot was never intended to be an independent authority on dieting and weight loss. It is simply a common sense guide which provides sound ideas which have been proven to work. No magic pills or potions: this guide is full of sound common sense and is designed to be referred to when your diet hits a sticky patch. If you have any complaints about Leigh’s Fat Loss Troubleshoot guide, it would be that she has tried to make it too generic. After all, by her own admission, she aims the Fat Loss Troubleshoot at “athletes, models and moms”. That is great, in itself but, since each sector experiences totally different problems, how can a generic guide aimed at athletes – or even models – be fair to the average mom?

3. Fat Loss Troubleshoot and The Metabolic Repair Manual.

We all of us nutritionists know that education in the metabolic area is a bit scant. Leigh’s major concern is that the average, or generalised, dieter is able to obtain access to the most accurate dieting information possible. She admits to there being a lot of very bad information on the internet but, due to most people’s limited knowledge on the metabolic aspect of dieting, most people are unaware that what they are reading is poor, if not downright incorrect. Leigh seeks to address that lack of knowledge with her Fat Loss Troubleshoot.

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Fat Loss Troubleshoot


  • 2-150+ page full length books.
  • 4-Different programs to follow depending on where you are at.
  • 4-Add on manuals.
  • 1-Full Length Audio of Me Explaining, not just reading, The Fat Loss Troubleshoot with you.
  • 1-Extremely powerful fat loss program for more advanced users.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

The Fat Loss Troubleshoot guide is not just another diet book. It lets you get on with whatever diet you are already following.

Price: $77.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 56 days

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Fat Loss Troubleshoot

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