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Running a background check is not a bad idea, especially if you have your reasons, private or business. Maybe you want to carry out a criminal records search because you are not sure if the person you are hiring is good and honest, or if the guy who intends to marry your daughter is as good as he looks. Companies need to determine which applicants are the best and if they have criminal records. All these require search, time and a lot of money. Or at least this is how it used to be before Gov Resources came to the game.

1. What Is Gov Resources?

Gov Resources is the best way to find anything you need from the public records; you can search the records databases online and find anything you want including court and criminal records, marriage certificates, civil and census records and much more. When looking at the right place you can have instant access to 200 millions of records. And what is the right place? Gov Resources website. It is designed to offer vast selection of databases and records. In addition, it’s a time effective and money saving option because it gives you the chance to conduct the online search whenever you want and from the comfort of your house without hiring anyone.

2. How Can I Use It?

Gov Resources has many uses. You can use it to gain access to public records that will help you write a paper or study if you are a student, or track down your family history and roots. You can also check if any of your neighbors have a bad history or is maybe a sexual offender.

The website offers you access pretty much to all records within the US; you can also find phone numbers, addresses and business location in all US states.

3. Is Gov Resources Legal?

Conducting a search is not illegal; if you use the phone number or address you found for an illegal act then you are illegal and you will be punished; the website and its service is 100% legal and legitimate. It’s up to you to use it the right way.

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  • Sex Offenders who are your neighbors.
  • You can find the criminal records of those who are serving time now.
  • You can find the phone number or address of someone who interests you.
  • You can check older marriage records and do a lookup for your family history.
  • You can check the civil and census records.
  • You can find a particular business, check for bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • You can get unlimited checks for the public records.

Value: 10 out of 10

Gov Resources has proven to be a good site for finding comprehensive public records.

Price: $29.95 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

Review Board: Gov Resources

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