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Overall Value: 10 out of 10

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Strumming the guitar is a lot of fun. It is also an effective stress buster. To an enthusiast, playing the guitar is an expression of one’s self. However, to a beginner, playing it is hard work that requires practice. Of all the basic skills that one must learn about playing the guitar, mastering the scales is by far the most difficult of them all. Because some striving guitarists find it difficult to do, they end up putting their passion aside. Likewise, for those who have already learned of the basics, skills do not stop there because being able to play on your own is the ultimate achievement. Thus, prepare yourself early with a little help from Guitar Scale Mastery.

1. Facing The Problems.

A guitarist is faced with many problems especially in harnessing his playing skills. Among others, scales and how they are used, applied and studied are on top of the list. In fact, most guitarists have to struggle with this. Others are not able read the scales properly while some have difficulty in internalizing them. In some cases, guitarists are not able to see these scales as notes. Instead, to them, they are simply patterns. Having these kinds of problems are just normal because most professional guitarists have also gone through that stage. Guitar Scale Mastery is an ebook that will help you deal with these problems successfully.

2. The Five Essential Mastery Skills.

Music school will teach you about scales and how important they are but they do not normally get down to the bottom of it by teaching you how to do it and how to approach it in the most effective way. In Guitar Scale Mastery, you will be taught many things in dealing with scales but the most important of them all is learning the five essential mastery skills.

3. Hear It Not From The Experts.

Guitar Scale Mastery is not the product of an expert’s year of training. Instead it is a humble effort in putting together common sense and practicality. Thus, waste not your money on experts who pretend to know everything about scales. Instead put your resources in one good book that gets down to the heart of scales.

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  • You will be able to learn scales on such a deep level that they “become part of you”.
  • You will be able to use scales without thinking.
  • You will be able to improvise with scales no matter where you are on the fretboard.
  • You’ll feel much more confident as an improvising guitarist.
  • You’ll notice large improvements to your guitar technique, speed and fluidity.
  • You’ll solo in a more natural and musical way.
  • You’ll feel more confident jamming with other musicians.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Guitar Scale Mastery breaks it down and makes the content very easy to learn and digest. If you are a beginner, you’ll appreciate the simple layout of the course.

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