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Overall Value: 10 out of 10

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This World of Warcraft guide, Hit Gold Cap, is great for learning how to acquiring shed-loads of gold without having to get involved with farming, or quests, or other techniques along those lines. In fact, fun though they are, getting involved in the various quests isn’t the most lucrative way of getting hold of loads of gold. What’s more, Hit Gold Cap is a perfectly legitimate way of playing WoW and will certainly not get your account banned, so there’s no need to worry on that score!

Furthermore, if you are completely new to the World of Warcraft and want a guide to really get you started, Hit Gold Cap is highly recommended. However, if you have quite a bit of knowledge to start with, although you will make quite a bit of gold following this guide’s advice, you might find Hit Gold Cap a bit too basic for you.

1. What Does Hit Gold Cap Consist Of?

Tony T Dub, who devised Hit Gold Cap, shares a range of strategies he learned for himself on his own attempts to generate lots of gold. Hit Gold Cap explains five different gold-making strategies, with a single module devoted to each. By working your way through all five modules you will learn how the Auction House fast gold technique, how to optimize this particular strategy in respect of the various characters, how to acquire 200g of seed money in a step-by-step formula, how to get hold of gold in the shortest time possible, and finally, Hit Gold Cap lets you into the secret of which items are the most sought after in WoW.

2. How Good Is Hit Gold Cap?

Hit Gold Cap covers all the different strategies, rather than just a few, of how to earn money and take the best advantage from the Auction House, whereas most other guides offer just a couple of strategies. There are some who say that Hit Gold Cap is just a compilation of a bunch of other guides, put together to make it look original. This may or may not be a correct interpretation of the content in Hit Gold Cap but, despite this, if you are completely new to WoW Hit Gold Cap provides you with a sufficiently inclusive range of strategies that will allow you to get started and to earn decent quantities of gold whilst you learn more.

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  • Provides the path οf achieving the maximum amount οf gold possible on a World οf Warcraft character, even with a level 1 character.
  • Applying the methods inside this WoW gold guide уοu will never need tο farm anything, craft items tο sell οr do daily quests fοr money.
  • It will help you save a lot οf time on your WoW money making, leaving уοu with a lot more time fοr raiding, arena, battlegrounds οr just having fun in World οf Warcraft.

Support: 10 out of 10

The Hit Gold Cap comes with great customer service; if you submit a ticket, you will get a response within 6 hours, which is pretty impressive.

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Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

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