How Long Should My Article Be?

Of course you have asked yourself this question every time you manage to write a sales article. But, have you found the right answer? In fact, the answer is a little bit tricky, because article marketing is very flexible and the sales article could be anywhere from a short 100 word article to a 1000 word long explanatory article.

There are a lot of factors that affect the length of a marketing article. The niche itself can be a key factor in determining the length of the article, writing on cars or real estate where a lot of specification and description is needed can end up with a long article but writing on book and game reviews should be short.

How Long Should My Article BeWhat is more important than the length of the article itself is the content of the article. Redundancy is a fatal mistake as the reader will get bored quickly and hit the back button on his browser instantly. In order to overcome that, you should provide a lot of information that will ignite the curiosity of the reader and urges him to continue reading the article trying to find a link to click.

The sales article should contain few links to the vendor or the product site that the article is promoting. These links should be situated in the body of the article and flows normally with the content.

Bullet points and facts are very nice ways to keep your reader focused. Also, if the article is very long, try to summarize the first half of the article before moving to the second half. This will help in keeping all the information in the head of the reader.

Finally, the readers should feel the sincerity of your article. If they feel that the article is pure sales then they will never hit the links in the article.

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