How Many Articles Should You Write Per Day?

This question had been asked by so many squidoo users who are new to the affiliate-marketing field. I have noticed that most of the new users are more concerned about the quantity over the quality. This is normal for new comers but after you spend a little while on squidoo and on the affiliate marketing in general you will find out by yourself that the quantity is not the rally issue that you have to take care of, in fact, it is the quantity.

How Many Articles Should You Write Per DayYou have to take care of the quantity regarding the number of lenses that you create on various niches because; more lenses in more niches means more traffic and subsequently more sales. In other words, you will take a bigger bite of the pie when you target readers and viewers of different interests instead of concentrating on one field of interest.

After you create these different lenses, you have to maintain fresh content on daily basis. Frequently edited lenses and lenses that have fresh content over short intervals of time is more recognized by search engine spiders and will be highly ranked in search results.

Because of that fact, you should concentrate on the content of the new articles that you will submit instead of the number of article. Let us make this clearer, you write an article with embedded back links to your squidoo lens and submit it to article directories in order to attract more visitors to your lens. Then, what you need to do is to write a single article rich in keywords relevant to the niche you are targeting in order to appear for the searching viewers.

At the end, we can conclude that the number of articles is not important, if you are submitting articles daily.

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