How To Add Affiliate Link In a Squidoo Lens?

Adding a link to a squidoo lens is not of the big deal for experienced lens masters but as a new comer you will find yourself trying to figure out what is this all about and asking yourself how can I put this magical blue underlined phrase that will transfer the viewer to another place?

You will discover that you only need to write down a short HTML code in the body of your lens and you will find the link appears instantly. I am not claiming that I will invent the wheel but I will show you how you can add a link by simply modifying one HTML code.

How To Add Affiliate Link In a Squidoo LensLet me show you an example that contains all what you need. First, you have to open your squidoo account then when you manage to create a lens, you should hit the edit button to start adding text to your lens. As you need to embed the link inline with your text then you have to write down the text or simply copy and paste it, then you have to add this HTML code where you need to put a link: “<a href=””target=”_blank”>link name</a>“.

All what you need to do is to change the “website name” into the URL that you need to direct the traffic to. The part saying target=”_blank” means that the affiliate website will open in a new window, that’s because you do not need to loose your viewer as he might come back to your site again or manage to hit another link on your lens. Finally, edit the last part, “link name”, with the phrase or the word that will appear in blue in your text.

Note that all the previous part will be hidden when you view your lens after you finish editing it; the only part that will appear is the link name.

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