How To Get Your Squidoo Lens Index By Google?

Squidoo lenses are now one of the most popular marketing channels. That is because squidoo web site is ranked among the highest sites recognized by search engines. This reflects directly on the lenses built inside the squidoo web site.

Theoretically, this means that any lens created in the squidoo website will be automatically recognized by search engines like Google and yahoo. But, in the real world, there are some certain steps that you need to do first in order to get your lens indexed by Google.

How To Get Your Squidoo Lens Index By GoogleThe easiest way to get your squidoo lens indexed by Google is by encouraging the search engine spider to crawl your lens. This is done by creating back links in popular sites pointing back to your lens.

Adding posts containing links to blog spots and forums relevant to the content of your lens can help your lens getting recognized by Google quickly. But, after you do these steps how could you figure out whether Google had indexed your lens or not.

There is a very easy method that you can perform in the popular search engines to find out if your lens is indexed or not. This method is applicable in Google and yahoo search engines. First, open an ordinary search page and write in the search box the following: ““.

Then after you hit the search button, the page will return with that web site and its ranking in the search engine. So, if you wrote the name of your lens or website and found that it returned a result in the search engine then, congratulation! Your lens had been indexed by Google.

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