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Overall Score: 9.9 out of 10

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The mission statement of Instant Background Report is “to provide objective reports on the best online search services and other related products”. First and foremost, this Instant Background Report is an excellent online search service that can provide background information about practically anybody, including the ability to run criminal checks at a federal level as well as obtaining detailed information from social security data. Instant Background Report has an extensive database, providing searchers with more than 1 billion records. Using Instant Background Report couldn’t be simpler – to find the information you are looking for, simply enter the person’s full name, their state, and a rough indication of their age and you will be presented with a list of search results.

1. First Class Customer Support.

What makes Instant Background Report different, however, is their Customer Support – experts able to offer you additional support as and when necessary. Furthermore, if you are not satisfied Instant Background Report offer a 60 day money-back guarantee. The cost for immediate unlimited access is $29.95, while a pass for a further year is just $9.95, offering excellent value. Instant Background Report makes it perfectly clear they adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act and they encourage all customers searching their databases to also adhere to their criteria. Unusually for online services, Instant Background Report appears to generate only good reports – regardless of where you look and, if you vote in terms of customer satisfaction, Instant Background Report is far and away the first choice.

2. People Checks Are Necessary.

Nowadays it seems that the whole world is mobile, with very few of us living in the same house or even the same locality for generations. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that some people feel there is a need to check up on new neighbors moving into their vicinity – even if it is just to ensure their kids are kept safe. Regardless of the rights or wrongs of finding out confidential information about somebody who comes to live near you, clearly there is a need for information about new people to be made public. There are now a number of companies offering discrete background checks, some better than others. Instant Background Report is, however, one of the better companies and the information obtained from them is as accurate as the data obtained from public records can be and, if the data is in the public domain, then you are likely to be able to access it through Instant Background Report.

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  • User Friendly – The site should be easy to navigate and perform actual background search.
  • Database Size – The size of the search sites should be sufficient enough to help you navigate and gain information on the address, age, phone number and court records etc.
  • Result Accuracy – The search site should be able to provide you update results as and when you forward your request.
  • Customer Support – The search sites customer support should be ever ready to answer all your queries and respond well to your questions and problems.

Value: 10 out of 10

The Instant Background Report is much the more user-friendly website service for background checks, making it a particularly popular option.

Price: $29.95 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

Review Board: Instant Background Report

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