What Keyword Density Should I Use For My Article?

Good keyword density is the right question to ask yourself when you manage to write an article because, keyword is the method through which a search engine determines whether to show your article as a result for a specific searcher or not.

You should maintain a moderate keyword density for your article in order to obtain the required results. Very few keywords will decrease the incidence of being spotted by the search engine while too many keywords are considered spamming.

What Keyword Density Should I Use For My ArticleThe perfect keyword density is three to seven percent of the total word count of the article. In other words, in every 100 words there should be three to seven words as keywords.

Try to use different keywords and synonyms to cover more search possibilities and appear on higher rank results. When you manage to write an article run a search to find out what are the common words used in that topic.

Do not aggregate the keywords in one paragraph but distribute them evenly through out the article. This will let the search engine spider understand that these are normal keywords and not spamming ones.

Do not forget to mention the primary keyword in the heading of your article. This will give your article a good boost in search engine ranking.

In addition to the heading, keywords should be mentioned in the back links included in article and not beside them. For example, if you are linking for a weight loss program and you write “for more information on weight loss program, click here”, the whole phrase “for more information on weight loss program, click here” should be the link not “click here” only. That is because links are more recognized by search engines and that means that your keywords will be recognized more easily.

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