Learn The Basic Of Keyword Research Tips

When you tend to build your website, either it is dedicated to marketing or for any other purpose, what concerns you is how to make this web site recognizable by search engines. The backbone of this operation is keyword. Keyword consists of a single or a combination of few words that you write down several times inside your website’s content to be recognized by search engines and as a result to appear in a higher PR.

Learn The Basic Of Keyword Research TipsThis happens when the keyword you use is similar to the words that the searcher uses when is looking for a product from the same niche. You must put in mind three things when you start to determine the proper keywords that you are going to use: The competition of the keyword, the amount of search for the keyword and the value of the keyword.

These three rules are the basic of keyword research. The competition of the keyword means: the amount of other websites having the same keyword as a base for their content. The more the keyword is general, the more the competition it has. Let us see an example, a word like “cars” or “boats” have a higher competition than a word like “sport cars” or “sailing boats”. Try to use keywords that are more specific in order to avoid unnecessary competition.

After you determine the competition of a particular keyword, you must determine its amount of search. That means how many times this keyword had been searched in the past period of time. Some times you are promoting a seasonal product so do not search for the amount of searches for a word like “Christmas” in July, you must pay more attention to results of September, October and November as this is the main period where people search for Christmas related products.

Finally, you have to look for the value of the keyword that you have chosen. Run a search to know the affiliate offers for such a keyword. Do not expect to get a keyword that has a little competition and a high search amount and also have a good affiliate offer. So do your best to get the best combination in your keyword.

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