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Maternity Acupressure

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Unlike western scientific methods of medication, the oriental people have what we called “the alternative” ways. It consists of the flow of energy within and spots of energy accumulation. With proper knowledge of these energy flow and spots, one can cure another from almost any illness by puncturing the related spots with needle(s), which is known as acupuncture. Acupressure, on the other hand, applies pressure to the spots with fingers, elbow or other devices. But it gives quite the similar effect of medical treatment as acupuncture does.

1. What Is Maternity Acupressure?

Aside from illness treatment, acupressure can also be applied to pregnant women, especially those who suffer great labor prior to delivering her baby. Maternity acupressure can be considered as delivery stimulant without any negative side effect, both to the newborn and the mother.

Moreover, maternity acupressure certainly does not just belong to Chinese traditional doctors. As Dr. Lena Leino has put maternity acupressure guide into a book with clear step-by-step instructions and illustrations, every pregnant woman can practice it for safe, quick and painless delivery.

2. What Can Be Gained From Maternity Acupressure?

Flapping through Dr. Lena’s guide for maternity acupressure, you can find first and foremost how to start labor naturally at home so you don’t have to be medically induced or go through a caesarian operation just to meet your newborn.

You will also find how maternity acupressure can help you endure your pregnancy better by collecting calmness, removing tensions, and stopping nausea and vomits. Not only that, maternity acupressure can help you strengthen your contractions and dilate better. It gets better yet, as you can turn your posterior baby by simply applying pressure on the correct spots.

3. Is Maternity Acupressure Safe?

Of course, with all the pains gone and labors eased, you’d be puzzled how exactly maternity acupressure does all that. But don’t you worry. Maternity acupressure is just a simple act of pressuring certain parts of your body to help it works better. Just like how a simple rub eases the pain when you got your head hit. No chemicals included, no side-effects triggered. Maternity acupressure is perfectly safe for both mother and child.

One woman dies in giving birth or other pregnancy related cause every minute. God forbid that happen to you. So order now and skip all the hassle of delivery with maternity acupressure.

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Maternity Acupressure


  • How to induce labor at home and avoid the risks and discomforts of chemical labor induction in a hospital.
  • Very simple techniques to speed up an extremely slow early labor.
  • Techniques to stimulate onset of labor contractions to start and to strengthen contractions during labor when necessary.
  • Proven acupressure point combination’s that help you to make better progress in labor.
  • Which maternity acupressure techniques which will help in cases where the cervix is fully dilated.
  • And more …

Support: 10 out of 10

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Maternity Acupressure

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Maternity Acupressure

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