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My Airfare Secrets

Overall Score: 10 out of 10

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My Airfare Secrets is an e-book created some time ago, containing insider tricks and hints on how to find the cheapest tickets and save money on airfares. The book is written by an airline agent who lost his job and decided to sell his secrets in order to take revenge from the company. The entire idea seems too good to be true, but even if you are not a believer, when you read the website you cannot deny that everything stated there is more than interesting and intriguing.

1. The Airfare Secrets At First Glance.

Reading the sales page at the website, you will most probably be interested in finding out what he knows – and we don’t. Is the information as good as he claims it to be? The good thing is that there is a money guarantee, so you can definitely give it a try; in any case, you do not have anything to lose. On the contrary.

2. What Is My Airfare Secrets And What Can You Learn From The Guide?

Once you complete the purchase you will be given a user name and password; you will login into the authorized part of the website and you will find the e-book that you paid. You can download it to your computer and open it. The book is divided in four sections.

The first section refers to basic tricks you need to know; there some techniques no one has heard of before; normally because we do not work at airliners. In any case, you are most likely to know only 20-25% of the things mentioned there.

The second section has even better tricks; these ones are known only to professionals and are quite interesting.

The Third section has advanced techniques and tricks and covers things that people don’t think about. You are most likely to know 5% of them. The fourth and last section is the “Top Secret Section” and is pretty impressive for the vast majority of travelers and tourists.

3. Bottom Line.

The My Airfare Secrets is an easy book to read; it’s also very interesting, a fact that makes it a quick read. You will be able to discover things you knew and things you would never think of. Even if you cannot apply all of them, you will be able to apply some of them and save good money on air tickets.

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My Airfare Secrets


  • The best time of the week to call to get the biggest discounts on your flight price.
  • How working in a certain industry can get you a discount just for flashing your employer card.
  • How to save $$ when flying with young children.
  • How to avoid flight delays.
  • The magic question you need to ask your travel agent to get them to give you the cheapest price.
  • How to more leg room on the flight.

Value: 10 out of 10

My Airfare Secrets is a pretty informative and interesting piece of reading and will help you save much more money than it actually costs.

Price: $24.95 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 56 days

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My Airfare Secrets

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