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When new technology comes available there usually follows a demand for accessories. The iPhone is no different. There is a huge market for iPhone applications. The key to make money from this demand is to create a successful iPhone application and sell it.

1. What Is My Phone Riches Guide All About?

My Phone Riches guide shows how to create successful iPhone applications that people will want. Then it goes the extra step and teaches how to actually sell it. There is no point in creating the most useful or fun iPhone application if no one can buy it. Nor is it worth the time and effort to market an application that no one is interested in. The point behind My Phone Riches is to make money meeting the demands and needs of iPhone users. It only works if the application meets the demands of the end users and they can find it to buy it. The guide teaches how to do all that and get it onto the App store for sale.

2. Can An App Be Successful?

My Phone Riches stresses how to create Apps that will not fail. It also shows how to find and make the applications people actually want. It is a simple idea, find out what people want and make it. The demand is proven to be there and growing daily. The shortage is in applications to meet the growing interest in iPhone applications. The trick is in creating applications that not only meet the needs but becomes extremely popular. That is where marketing comes in.

3. Marketing Is Key.

It is not enough that an application meets a need, be it as a tool or for entertainment. To be successful an iPhone application has to become popular. To do that people need to know about it, try it, love it and get others to try it. MyPhoneRiches shows effective ways to market an iPhone application to make sales. For example, there are ways to market on social networks for free that will create a buzz or interest in an iPhone app. MyPhoneRiches is full of successful marketing techniques and strategies.

4. Will An iPhone Application Keep Generating Sales?

iPhone apps only have so long of a life span. They are only popular for so long then a new app becomes popular. Never only make on application and stop creating and expect money to keep coming in. Instead focus on creating many iPhone Applications that meet the changing demands of iPhone users.

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  • The exact type of application that customers are keen to purchase.
  • How to brainstorm for application ideas that will have an eager crowd of customers rushing to buy your app.
  • Where to find programmers that are prepared to work for peanuts to develop your application.
  • How to go about marketing your application to over 20 million iphone users worldwide.

Value: 10 out of 10

MyPhoneRiches will give all the key information needed to create a sellable iPhone application.

Price: $37.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 56 days

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