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Children are so funny that you cannot get much of them. Thus, every couple wants to have as much kids as they want. However, it is sometimes depressing to have all boys or all girls in the family. Instead, a combination of both makes a perfect family. Unknown too many, a child’s gender can actually be planned or chosen. In the ebook Prince or Princess Guide, steps are discussed and techniques are given in as far as choosing your baby’s gender is concerned. The material discusses in details all things that surround pregnancy scientifically and logically. Thus, if you have been a wanting a boy or a girl, this book will come in very helpful.

1. Hitting the Bull’s Eye.

Gynecologists will tell you that there is no way that you can choose your baby’s gender. Otherwise, all of China’s first born are males and all of Arab countries’ are girls. Unknowingly, there lies a secret on how to do just that and it is explained in detailed in the ebook Prince or Princess Guide. Primarily, it is all about timing which includes a woman’s pH level at the time the intercourse was made as well as fertility. You see, sperms behave differently depending on the environment wherein they are exposed. In this book, you will be told how you can make use of this factor in achieving the baby of your dreams.

2. Sexual Positions.

Did you know that the position you have during sexual intercourse has a lot to do with your baby’s gender? Unbelievable but true, these are things that your gynecologist will miss out telling you. Nevertheless, the Prince or Princess Guide will provide you with different positions that will yield to a baby with the gender of your choice.

3. A Special Diet.

Eating a healthy diet is among the factors that you have to consider in choosing your baby’s gender. A special diet is enumerated in the book Prince or Princess Guide. Accordingly, the book has cooked up a perfect meal for mothers who are striving to have a baby with a gender of their choice.

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Value: 10 out of 10

Plan My Baby is a book which entails tried and proven methods and techniques of helping couples to choose the gender of their baby.

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