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Innovative Marketing Solutions LLC operates PPV Riches, one of the many up-and-coming variations of the highly successful Pay Per View marketing campaigns. Strip away the hype and beneath PPV, if you understand the concept, this kind of marketing works very well indeed.

1. How Does PPV Work?

First and foremost, you are not competing with other marketers in order to obtain a slice of any lucrative targeted audience. PPV advertising is not at all like PPC advertising.

  • PPV stands for Pay Per View.
  • PPC stands for Pay Per Click.

Basically, you are paid to distribute an advertisement, an affiliate link, a website landing page, or a CPA offer. However, you only distribute to people who have agreed to receive this information. Generally, those are people who have responded to a free magazine subscription, or have ordered a free ring tone or one of the other promotional offers that abound throughout the internet and, offline, in magazines and newspapers. PPV is a perfectly legitimate method for advertisers to test their products on a targeted market. As a PPV affiliate what you are doing is making it possible for them to do this more effectively.

2. Distributing To Requests.

In essence the system works on the principle of distributing an ad, CPA offer, affiliate link or landing page to multiple users who have actually expressly agreed to receive such offers. People often agree to see these ads when they receive free magazine subscriptions, a free ring tone, a game or other promotional discount. PPV Riches eliminates the ordeal of having to try and test a new system as all the research and work has been done which allows a person to simply tap into this new market.

3. PPV Riches.

Becoming a member of PPV Riches enables you to learn how to acquire a share of this hugely lucrative market of people such as you and me who genuinely and honestly respond to an offer online and who willingly fill in our personal details to be contacted by the company for whom we are filling in our details. People are wise to be suspicious of businesses on the internet as there really are so many scams to trip the unwary – but, PPV Riches is not one of them. This is a genuine offer from a genuine company, offering a genuine opportunity to make money – as long as you do something with the information when you get it!

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  • Exactly What Kind of Users Are Participating?
  • How to Buy Keywords for a Penny Each!
  • Which PPV Companies Should You Join?
  • What to Watch Out For when Using PPV.
  • How to Blend PPV Advertising with CPA Offers.
  • What to Know Before You Sign Up with a CPA Network.
  • How to Test Your Offers for the Highest Conversion Rates.
  • Should You Market Affiliate Products to Your Audience?
  • And much more …

Support: 10 out of 10

PPV marketing is an advertising platform that has now started to take over from the Pay Per Click marketing concept.

Price: $47.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

Review Board: PPV Riches

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