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Related RSS Plugin

Overall Value: 10 out of 10

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Blogging is not just a medium where people can express themselves freely or convey their thoughts to others. Nowadays they have become useful tools wherein money can be easily generated. However, there are also thousands of people all over the word who are making use of this privilege in the internet that the race is on for site owners and web masters to have their site on top of the search engine rankings. Being first in the list presents lots of opportunities and can mean more income generated. Thus, it is not surprising that there are lots of tools that are geared towards improving your search engine ranking. One of them is Related RSS Plugin. With this plugin tool, you are closer to the top in due time.

Increasing The Numbers.

Every serious marketer knows that increasing the number of visitors and generating more traffic is the best way to stay on top of the blogging game. Traditionally, contents have to be regularly updated and should be maintained to retain its freshness. Newer contents must be uploaded so that followers have always something different to look forward to. Well, that can be extremely tedious especially if you have more that one site to maintain. Thankfully, with Related RSS Plugin, you do not have to worry anymore about providing new contents regularly. Instead, you can simply install this tool and you will automatically generate a news feed from other sites relevant to yours. You can also have the sidebar in each and every page of your own blog effortlessly and automatically.

Relevance Is All That Matters.

On the other hand, installing an RSS feed alone will not immediately turn your site into an overnight sensation. Besides, Google knows what it really wants and it is all about relevance. It is after feeds that are relevant to your own page. Why not? It is the only way it can also gain profit from you. With a very special tool in Related RSS Plugin, you do not only get relevant feeds but you also get unique and different feeds for each and every page.

Getting More Than What You Have Bargained For.

Others pay thousand of dollars hiring the best SEO experts to help propel their sites on top of the list. However, with Related RSS Plugin, you only have to pay less than fifty bucks to be able to get feeds that are customized for every page in your site. It will also allow you to control the length of feed contents in your site.

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Related RSS Plugin


  • It puts fresh, relevant and related content on every page of your WordPress blog – totally automatically, each and every day.
  • It avoids duplicate content issues that most RSS plugins actually create.
  • And it actually causes Google to come index your site more often, and rank your site higher.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Related RSS Plugin is a new WordPress plugin developed by Dan Nickerson and Mark Widawer that will generate a relevant RSS feed in the sidebar of your WordPress website.

Price: $27.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

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Related RSS Plugin

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