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There are many reasons it could be helpful to be able to speak and understand Italian fluently. You may need it for travel, or you may find that it is helpful in business situations. Rocket Italian is a course designed to help you learn to speak Italian using immersion techniques and real-life situations. These methods will help you learn the language more quickly, and remember it after you’ve learned it.

1. Contemporary Conversations.

Rocket Italian includes 33 interactive lessons that are based on real, modern conversations. It gives you a chance to learn phrases that you would really use if you visited Italy today. You also get to hear what the common responses to those phrases sound like when native Italian users carry on a conversation with you. This interactive audio course is intended to feel like a private Italian tutor who is available any time you are ready to practice.

2. Learning The Fun Way.

When you learn a new skill, it is important to practice it often so that you retain your competency. The Rocket Italian program includes computer software games that put your understanding of Italian to the test and help you practice what you’ve learned. These games are a fun way to reinforce the comprehension lessons you’ve worked on while you try to get higher scores. The games concentrate on separate words as well as complete phrases, and are fun to play as well as excellent practice.

3. Keep Track Of Progress.

As you work your way through the Rocket Italian course, you can keep track of your improvements through regular quizzes and tests. These interactive questionnaires aren’t stressful, and they give you a great idea of how much you’ve learned and what you need to spend more time practicing. If you use the quizzes and tests properly, you’ll develop a gradual increase in skill until you find yourself speaking and understanding Italian fluently. Tests can be taken over and over again, so you can go back and practice before attempting to pass the next level. If you get really stuck, or have a problem with the software, Rocket Italian offers a 24-hour online forum of experts to help.

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  • Speak and improve your Italian with every lesson.
  • Speak Italian naturally.
  • Build your Italian vocabulary.
  • Know how much your Italian has improved.
  • Boost your Italian-speaking confidence.
  • Have all your Italian language questions answered.
  • Make the most of your precious learning time.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

The Rocket Italian system teaches you how to speak Italian, but it also teaches you how to understand when someone speaks Italian to you.

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Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

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