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Overall Value: 9.9 out of 10

Short Review:

The WordPress Socrates Theme has been designed for search engine optimization. This really means that the layout and design of the blog extras are focused on getting all the relevant information needed to amplify a blogs search engine optimization. This is a great layout for anyone wanting to create profitable blogs.

1. Marketing Focused.

A lot of online marketing methods are already included in this theme. This includes the different social network sites. This makes it easy for experienced online marketers to quickly create a viable blog site. The Socrates Theme is also very ad friendly. It is so flexible that many different types of advertising methods and advertisers are already built in. It is simply a matter of filling information in to take advantage of any and all affiliate programs, Adsense, Clickbank and more. There is no more need to spend a lot of time programming things in, it is already there. It is easy to see how the Socrates Theme has been designed to increase hits, clicks and online earnings.

2. Quickly Create Professional Blog Sites.

The potential profitable and unique blog sites that can be created using the Socrates Theme are unlimited. It allows people to use pre-designed background and headers, or add their own. There are 5 main layouts that are designed to optimize clicks and sales. The layouts can be made to look completely unique using the ability to download individual header and background designs. The ever growing collection of pre-made designs can be utilized to still create outstanding blog sites. More importantly the Socrates Theme makes it easy to quickly build many targeted blogs designed to reach specific niche markets.

3. Very Little Experience Required.

The real importance of Socrates is that it is very user friendly. There is no mystery on how to maximize search engine optimization. Socrates asks for the information. This means that someone with little or no experience with online marketing can take advantage of the different marketing methods already proven to work. It is simply laid out in the theme. It is a beautifully designed theme that gives everyone the opportunity to make some money online, both the hard core professional online marketers and the hobbyist.

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  • 200+ Niche Header Designs.
  • 4 Custom Nav Bars with New Window and No Follow Links!
  • Social Media Slider – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn,YouTube, RSS.
  • Custom Styling and Color Options.
  • 728×90 Banner Custom HTML Rotator.
  • Internet Marketing and WordPress Training.
  • Sales Page Templates.
  • Squeeze Page Template.
  • In Post Ad Units – Can be Disabled on Per Post Basis!
  • Incredible Support and Community Forum.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Socrates Theme lets bloggers create a blog site that will let them maximize online marketing quickly and easily.

Price: $47.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

Review Board: Socrates Theme

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