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Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

Short Review:

Steal Pips is all about the Forex market before we go any further. Matt Delen, who designed Steal Pips, is a Forex trader who has been trading successfully for quite some time, making some very profitable trades during his time spent trading. In the world of the Forex trader, time really is of the essence – in other words, time is money and any kind of software that can capture time and keep control of it, is worth its weight in gold. Put another way, for those traders who use Matt Delen’s Steal Pips, they will see an increase in their income in direct correlation with less time spent physically trading the market.

1. What Is Steal Pips?

This software comes with an instruction manual to explain exactly how to apply the software to the Forex market. However, the way it works is to increase the number of actual pips you made for each trade. In other words, you make more money in less time. Matt Delen’s Steal Pips software incorporates a method known as APAR which is automated price action recognition. What it does, with all the jargon removed is to spot gaps in the market. Traders then use these marketing gaps to gain more pips from each trade. However, Steal Pips does rather more than just identifying marketing gaps, it also identifies upcoming trends which give traders time to trade on what is likely to happen rather than with what is happening right now.

2. What Do You Actually Get When You Purchase Steal Pips?

Steal Pips includes the software as well as quite comprehensive instructions on how to install the software and how to use it, as well as an additional manual for more in-depth information. The package also includes audio files as an additional backup to provide you with further information on setting the software system up.

3. Is Steal Pips Software That Good?

Yes, actually it is. Steal Pips gives you an added advantage over other traders. What Steal Pips doesn’t – and can’t do is to trade for you. The Forex market is volatile and always will be which, for many traders, is the advantage of trading the Forex market. Steal Pips software doesn’t trade for you. You still have to use your common sense and make your own decisions. However, what Steal Pips will do is to provide you with that all-important forecast of future trends as well as spotting gaps in the market that other traders might miss.

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  • Protects and Maximize your capital usage with popular diversification methods using LONG + SHORT term time frame trading.
  • Further enhances this diversification effect by using it on 2 currencies at one time.
  • You can verify the trading performance using the LIVE results available.
  • Able to adapt to any market conditions as the developer promises to update the software every single month.
  • Additional programming to hide important parameters like stoploss from brokers’ sabotage.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Steal Pips is a very powerful forex trading robot that can provide you with proven and tested results.

Price: $97.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

Review Board: Steal Pips

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