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Motivational speaker, Bob Proctor developed the program known as the 11 Forgotten Laws, based on the Law of Attraction in which like seeks like and positive thoughts are likely to result in positive actions whilst, conversely, those people who focus on negativity tend to gain the same back again. The actual program itself, the 11 Forgotten Laws is actually a motivational program that encourages those individuals who want to make money, able to do so more easily. Quite often the 11 Forgotten Laws program, when promoted on television commercials, mislead the public into believing this program will take you by the hand and provide you with a step-by-step route to making money. Nothing could be further from the truth!

1. What Does The 11 Forgotten Laws Consist Of?

You need to ensure that you purchase the 11 Forgotten Laws for the correct purpose. If you thought the purpose was to show you the process of making money then you will be focusing on the wrong purpose. However, if you purchased the 11 Forgotten Laws in order to motivate you into putting your knowledge of making money into practice, then you will do very well with the 11 Forgotten Laws. The trouble is, too many people focus on the process of making money but fail to take into account that whatever process they choose it must be sustainable and able to be reproduced.

2. What Can The 11 Forgotten Laws Do For You?

This product is intended to motivate you, teaching you through inspiring you. Basically there are 12 audio components and a number of MP3 files, each of which lasts 5 minutes. All together the audio modules contain more than 6 hours of instruction. To complete the package there is a fully integrated PDF transcript. The concept of this teaching material affects you profoundly – not just the everyday, thinking you, but your total psyche will be affected after listening to these audio files. The affect the 11 Forgotten Laws have on you can be quite intense.

3. Bonuses With Product.

Included with the 11 Forgotten Laws are various bonus videos being offered the customer. These videos relate to the Silva method of meditation, and are called “Manifest Like a Millionaire”. Overall, the 11 Forgotten Laws is a complete package to assist you to improve your mood and to get back in control of your life on the basis of the positive feelings you give out will be returned to you a hundredfold!

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  • The Law of Forgiveness.
  • The Law of Obedience.
  • The Law of Supply.
  • The Law of Thinking.
  • The Law of Receiving.
  • The Law of Attraction.
  • The Law of Compensation.
  • The Law of Increase.
  • The Law of Non Resistance.
  • The Law of Sacrifice.
  • The Law of Success.

Value: 10 out of 10

The 11 Forgotten Laws is a complete system for bringing the law of attraction into your life, and manifesting your desires.

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Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

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