The Awakening Course Review – Stay in Control with Your Relationships and With Your Money

The Awakening Course

Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

Short Review:

The Awakening Course comes with a full 60 day guarantee and is fully downloadable, all for the price of $67. Clearly, Dr Joe Vitale is proud of the work he has put into this course and believes this course will do everything he guarantees it will do.

1. What Is The Awakening Course by Dr. Joe Vitale All About?

The Awakening Course is guaranteed to reach you where you currently are in your own self-esteem and will then help you to move forward so that, regardless of where you are emotionally or spiritually, The Awakening Course can help you to move forward and develop your potential. You will begin to react and behave in completely different ways, form different beliefs and form different habits. Dr Joe Vitale confirms that this will empower you and enable you to transform the whole of your personality.

2. How to Change Your Life for the Better?

Dr Vitale affirms that you need to be dedicated to wanting to change. If you are dedicated to changing your life for the better, Dr Vitale confirms The Awakening Course will be able achieve this. This will develop much more happiness in your life and lead to much more fulfilment which, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on any relationships you have or might be hoping to develop. Rather than just having The Awakening Course available by itself, Dr Vitale provides you with an additional five-part audio presentation pack plus a fully detailed Inspired Action Guide which Dr Vitale describes as “very intense, effective and fun exercises”.

3. What You Will Learn in This Awakening Course?

How do some people attract money – and how does money miss so many other people? What have those people with money have that those without do not have? How is it that some people have successful, long-term relationships while other people cannot even succeed to maintain a relationship beyond just a few days? Dr Joe Vitale confirms that, if you purchase The Awakening Course, you will succeed in whichever area you want to succeed in. You will learn, from The Awakening Course how to prepare yourself for a relationship, how to start a relationship and how to maintain and develop your relationship with another person. You will also change you thinking about money and wealth. The Awakening Course teaches you to think differently about money, to have more respect for money and how to make money work for you.

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The Awakening Course


  • What it means to be awakened and why it’s so important.
  • How you can create your own awakened life filled with miracles.
  • The steps to get out of the victim mentality.
  • Ways to turn your fears into catalysts for success.
  • How to move beyond ego.
  • 5 steps for attracting anything or anyone into your life.
  • The missing secret for making the Law of Attraction work every time.
  • How the universe works (the real truth).
  • Cleaning and clearing methods allowing miracles.
  • New perspectives on money, role models, and the power of your unconscious.
  • How to re-state complaints into positive life-changing intentions.
  • The role gratitude plays in attracting what you want in your life.
  • How to co-create with the Divine.
  • A rare ancient method you can use to clean blocks.
  • How to prepare yourself to become awakened.

Value: 10 out of 10

The Awakening Course offered an in-depth instruction guide on how to improve your self-esteem and get the best out of your life.

Price: $67.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 56 days

Review Board: The Awakening Course

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The Awakening Course

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The Awakening Course

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