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The Simple Golf Swing

Overall Score: 10 out of 10

Short Review:

Every Sunday afternoon golfer would love to be able to play like the pros. Unfortunately the pros were born with much more talent than most golfers – that’s why they make lots of money playing golf. The Simple Golf Swing was made for the rest of us who enjoy golf but weren’t blessed with the genetic makeup of the major golf talents in the world. In as little as three hours this system can have even the most amateur golfer swinging more confidently and accurately. You will learn how to approach the ball and connect with it solidly so that you don’t slice or hook your shots off of the course ever again.

1. What Can The Simple Golf Swing Do For You?

Golf is a game of consistency. The Simple Golf Swing will teach you techniques that help you maintain a standard golf swing that will drive down your regular scores. This system works with anyone’s swing and helps you learn simple tricks that make sure your swing is controlled and effective. Even if you average a bogey every hole you will find that this system improves your scores and makes you feel better about your golf game.

2. It’s Not Just a Swing, It’s a System.

The Simple Golf Swing doesn’t just focus on your swing, though. It is a full system of golfing that builds your skills little by little. This step by step approach allows you to get better at your own pace and learn new tricks one at a time. It’s possible to master the Simple Golf Swing system in as little as three hours if you really focus.

3. What Can You Learn With The Simple Golf Swing?

The system teaches you how to pivot from your spine so that your swing is more powerful and accurate. It also teaches you how to hold the club the right way so that it always connects with the ball solidly. The Simple Golf Swing shows you how to control the head of the club and manage your swing timing so that you are always swinging in the most effective manner. Detailed diagrams and pictures give the lessons visual reinforcement as well.

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The Simple Golf Swing


  • Secrets to Hitting Bombing Drives that are Straight as an Arrow.
  • Avoid Your Nasty Slice Like “the Plague” and Make Sure it Never Comes Back.
  • Revealed Techniques to Have a Silky Smooth Swing that Produces Consistent Shots.
  • How to “Pull the String” and Achieve Amazing Backspin Like the Pros.
  • Easily Improve Your Chipping Allowing You to Get Snuggly Close to the Pin.
  • Eliminate Common Mistakes during Setup that Keep You From Breaking into the 70s.
  • Keys to Getting Out of Trouble Spots and Saving Pars.
  • Much, much more …

Value: 10 out of 10

The Simple Golf Swing System provides the tools you are seeking for to take your golf game to the next level.

Price: $47.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

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The Simple Golf Swing

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The Simple Golf Swing

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