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Music has its own way of feeding our soul especially those that are instrumental and relaxing. With the advent of songs being downloaded straight from the internet to your computer, your supply of songs has become endless. Since it has become more difficult for you to keep track of what you have in your library, having them organized will require a lot of work. Firstly, you have to identify the genre, the artist and the song’s title. Classifying them alone can be very tedious because sometimes these songs have different titles and they have duplicate copies that need to be out to trash. Worry no more because in just a click of a mouse, you can now clean up your library with help from Tidy Songs.

1. Tidy Songs To The Rescue.

Cleaning up your music library should not be a big deal. That is the thrust that Tidy Songs live by. As such, it has created a downloadable program that will assist you in organizing your songs. It is so technologically advanced that it can edit the entries on its own. It checks on the spellings automatically and takes out what needs to be taken out. If you want to fix your playlist, this program can do it for you as well. Thus, this is undoubtedly something that you have to download.

2. What Tidy Songs Can Do?

True to its commitment of making things easier in just a press of a button, Tidy Songs has lived up to what is expected of it. It has also lived up to its own name of practically tidying up your music library. Among its many features and options include automatic deletion of songs with duplicate titles. Well, what do you need an extra copy for, right? Secondly, it can fix the different details in a song that you have downloaded and above all, it can organize your entire library like no other database can.

3. Free For All.

Cleaning up is a lot of work but not with Tidy Songs. You even get the program for free. Well, how is that for an offer? Only Tidy Songs is able to give you all these perks at no cost at all.

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  • Remove Duplicate Songs.
  • Fix Misspelled Song Details.
  • Fill in Missing Artists, Years and Genres.
  • Adds Missing Album Artwork.
  • Automatic! No Typing Necessary!

Support: 10 out of 10

TidySongs is great when it comes to finding duplicates, fixing misspelled songs, finding album art for your songs, fill in missing artists/year/genres, and much more.

Price: $39.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

Review Board: TidySongs

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