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Overall Rank: 10 out of 10

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If I knew of a way for you to lose unwanted fat as well as gain muscle would you be interested? Furthermore, if I told you that you would also maintain lean muscle mass, would you be even more interested? Basically, there are workouts that have the effect of disrupting your body’s stasis, resulting in your body burning additional fat up in an effort to regain some sort of equilibrium once again.

1. What Is Turbulence Training?

Turbulence Training is a training system that involves a system of exercises that need to be done at least three times a week and preferably four times a week, although each one lasts less than an hour each time. You can carry out these exercises at home, either before or after work and, once you become used to doing them regularly, they become far less of a chore.

2. Keeping In Shape.

Turbulence Training is the result of research undertaken by Craig Ballantyne, designed to get you in shape; keep you in shape; maintain muscle mass; and lose fat from your body. One thing I feel that Craig Ballantyne could have included when he developed his Turbulence Training was an appropriate diet plan. Nutrition, however, is not where Craig Ballantyne’s interest lies. He has left it to somebody else to devise suitable nutrition and diet plans to go along with his Turbulence Training. The workouts devised for Turbulence Training are quite intense and consist of sets of exercises and reps that, if you use it as advised, will help you lose weight – although I still have to stress the importance of a suitable diet.

3. Incorporate a Diet Plan.

Whilst Turbulence Training is suitable for people who are basically healthy, the workouts are fairly intense. However, if you are particularly unfit – and a lot of people are when they start – the Turbulence Training system will take a bit longer to start to become effective, although you will start to become fitter as you incorporate Turbulence Training into your daily life. Basically, the reason why Turbulence Training helps your body to burn fat is because the workout, done on a daily basis, encourages extra calories to be converted into energy rather than being converted into fat. Approached in a sensible way, incorporating Turbulence Training into your daily lifestyle, and following an appropriate diet plan, you will find there is absolutely no reason why Turbulence Training will not work for you.

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  • Healthy Habits plan.
  • Food while traveling.
  • Turbulence Training workout guidelines.
  • Turbulence Training for beginners-advanced workouts.
  • Interval guidelines.
  • Turbulence Training 2K3, 2K4, 2K5 and 2K6 workouts.
  • Exercise descriptions with pictures.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Turbulence Training is recommended by fitness and diet experts and works for both men and women.

Price: $39.95 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

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