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Overall Value: 10 out of 10

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Social networking is this generation’s idea of making friends, socializing and be constantly updated of the latest talk in town. On a separate note, opening an account in a social networking site can also be used to your advantage especially if you have a website or a blog to maintain. Accordingly, you can drive people to your site and the more followers that you have would mean more potential visitors that you will have. Thus, if you are running a business or offers a particular service, having as many followers is very helpful and advantageous. TweetBig is a very innovative tool that can work compatibly with your Tweeter account. It can bring your desired number of followers too.

1. The Piggy Points.

Anyone who maintains a Tweeter account secondary to a website or a blog knows that more followers mean more traffic. Accordingly, with this special tool, you will be able to easily identify other users who share the same interests and passion as you do. In like manner it can also analyze your competitor’s followers. Not only that because TweetBig is smart enough to add a feature wherein you will be able to determine who among your follower has the most number of followers and audiences.

2. All Around Planner.

Just when you thought you already have everything you need in this management tool, you will be surprised to learn that there is more that TweetBig has to offer. As such, it can even set up your tweets that are due for posting few weeks or months from now. Added to that, it ensures on its own that you are able to follow those who follow you as well. If there are people whom you do not want to follow you, this tool can also do it for you in a snap.

3. A No Fool’s Tool.

TweetBig is for people who barely had the time to make maximize their accounts to the fullest. It is also for people who want to hit a targeted number of followers. With this simple management tool around, you will never have to worry anymore about getting more followers.

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  • Follower Time Bomb.
  • Piggy Back.
  • Automatic Follow Back.
  • Red Carpet Finder.
  • Tweet Scheduling.
  • Follower Gathering.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

TweetBig is Twitter management software designed to help you attract followers, manage direct messages and responses, and so much more.

Price: $1.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

Review Board: TweetBig

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