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Overall Score: 9.9 out of 10

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A healthy body requires more than just eating the right kind of foods. Instead, it is made up of many things including a balanced meal, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Usually, these steps involve a certain degree of sacrifice which also requires a great deal of patience and discipline. In fact, majority of those who have started with their efforts towards achieving a sound body have quit halfway. More often than not, they usually give up on going to the gym, doing workouts and starving themselves to death. Well, getting started is not supposed to be difficult if you have come across Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program. This online package can guarantee you results in a few months’ time which is equivalent to a year of gym workout and conditioning.

1. Less Is More.

Weight watchers and body builders, boxers and fighters have been training for years just to have gorgeous muscles in all the right places. Well, if you are the type who hates going to the gym often or is just too tired to even enrol in a particular class, Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program is something that you should have. Unlike other programs that will require you to be working out regularly and extensively, this one will teach you how to simplify things. Instead of spending more days working out, you will be taught of the right cardio and conditioning exercises that can help you tone and build more muscles by working out less.

2. Three Simple Principles.

Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program operates on three simple principles: power, cardio and fewer workouts. For bodybuilders, the first two are a must but they need to be achieved by working out often. Not so much when it comes with this program. While your competitors are doing their workouts non-stop, you can still manage to achieve strength because you will be provided with exercises that are proven to keep your powered up and oozing with muscles.

3. A Program For All.

Even though this special program is designed to bring out the winner in every bodybuilder and fighter it is also for those who are dedicated in developing their skills. Why not? There is so much fun in fighting that the only way to experience and get the feel of it is by being physically ready to embrace the challenges that the sport brings. In getting this package, you will not only get tips about exercises but you will also be provided with recipes that will make your training complete.

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  • Program Manual: Learn easy and helpful exercises for 8-, 12-, and 16-week programs.
  • Videos of Every Exercise: Watch the videos online or through your iPod, and follow the exercises anywhere you want.
  • Nutrition-itsu: Provides five basic principles that ensure limitless energy, better health, and stronger muscles.
  • 7-Day Quickstart Guide to Nutrition-itsu: A 7-day guide on what you will eat.
  • “No-Sweat” Weight Cutting Guide for MMA: Lose weight safely without being exhausted.

Value: 10 out of 10

The Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program by Eric Wong promises to give you specialized training for maximum performance in mixed martial arts.

Price: $57.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 60 days

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