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Unlimited Download Center

Overall Value: 10 out of 10

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Today, there is an array of websites available online offering movies and TV shows downloads, while some of them provide even more, satisfying your needs no matter how demanding they can be.

1. What Is Unlimited Download Center?

Unlimited Download Center is a great site providing you with everything you might need, without any possible limits or without applying bandwidth that will limit or incommode your downloads. The website boasts an impressive list of 15 billion files available for download – and if you are wondering, yes the word is correct: Billion – covering pretty much everything you might want in all possible genres: drama, action, thriller, horror, romance, science fiction movies are all there while the mp3s available cover an equally wide selection, with blues, instrumental, ethnic, religious etc being just a couple of the vast choice you can find.

2. How to Start Downloading Media Files Online?

In order to be able to work with Unlimited Download Center you need to download their software which is completely free of adware or malware of course and is necessary in order to manage to handle and deal with the great amount of downloads. You can choose the file you want, without any additional fee per song or movie, and download it in very fast speed, which is hundred times bigger than the usual download time. Once you have the files downloaded to your hard drive you can choose to burn them in a DVD or CD, or any other storage media and have them with you wherever you are.

3. The Best Place to Download Music, Movies & Games.

The main highlights of the website are the very high speeds, the unlimited downloads, the huge database, the free 24h technical support in case you need something even at 3 am, the high quality of all files and of course the easy to navigate website which allows you to find easily and fast what you are looking for. If looking for a website that has everything then this is the best place to be. It is very popular among those who know and search similar services and definitely for a good reason: It is highly recommended by everyone who tried it.

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Unlimited Download Center


  • P2P file sharing software that lets you download Music files, MP3s, Music Videos, Software, TV Shows, Videos, eBooks and Movies!
  • Over 15 billion files being shared!
  • Download DVD/CD covers.
  • No Pop-ups, Spam, or Spyware/ Adware.
  • No need to share files with others.
  • Fast downloads due to simultaneous downloading from multiple sources.
  • Windows and Mac compatible.
  • One off fee, no monthly download payments.
  • Full money back guarantee!
  • Choose to pause downloads and resume them at a later stage when you are again online.
  • Intuitive user interface that allows you to perform several different searches at once.
  • Downloads are iPod and MP3 player compatible.

Effectiveness: 10 out of 10

Unlimited Download Center lets you download Music, Movies, Games, TV Shows & Software!

Price: $34.95 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

Review Board: Unlimited Download Center

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Unlimited Download Center

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