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Overall Score: 9.9 out of 10

Short Review:

Once woodworking seemed like a good idea to make things for the home, and save some money. Then a project is taken on. The instructions, plans and diagrams were not so simple to follow. Raw materials had to be purchased again when ever a mistake was made. Time seemed to be sucked up by the project. What should have been a simple weekend woodworking project took many weekends and is still not complete. The woodworking project has been come costly in money and in time invested into it. The determination to finish the project wavers in the face of complicated and unmanageable instructions and diagrams. Don’t give up, there is a solution. Start with the right plans.

1. Woodworking4Home Takes The Stress Out of Woodworking Projects.

Woodworking4Home provides instructions and plans for thousands of woodworking projects. The projects are well thought out and designed with uncomplicated and easy to follow step by step instructions and diagrams. It is easier to successfully complete a woodworking project if the instructions, diagrams and other resources are simple to follow.

2. What Can Woodworking4Home Do For You?

It is possible to go from making simple shelving for storage to complex woodworking projects like a windmill. Woodworking4Home provides the needed instructions and plans for both projects, and more. All the plans are well organized, easy to follow and are doable in a timely manner. It is amazing what an individual can accomplish when they have the right tools such as clear, accurate instructions and diagrams.

3. Not Just For The Experience Woodworker.

Many woodworking project instructions are written to the experienced woodworker. That is not the case with the projects provided by Woodworking4Home. The instructions are written so that every step is clearly laid out in the order it needs to be done in. Nothing is skipped or left out. It is as simple as going from step A to step B and then step C. The idea is to make it possible for someone with little or no experience to complete the projects. Experienced woodworkers appreciate the clarity of instructions and plans as well. No second guessing required. Everything is laid out to prevent confusion and mistakes. The only advantage an experienced woodworker will have is that they already have the tools required.

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Ease of Use: 10 out of 10

The goal of Woodworking4Home is to provide woodworking projects that anyone can do.

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