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WotLK Secrets

Overall Value: 9.9 out of 10

Short Review:

Jumping into the World of Warcraft gaming is like stepping into a brand new universe where only those that play can truly understand who you are. By joining up and getting access to WotLK you are jumping ahead of the pack.

1. What You Will Learn in This WotLK Secrets Guide?

You can find yourself running in the lead of the weak and the meek of whom were not smart enough to gain access to the best kept secrets such as there are in the WotLK. You will find that knowing how to beat the Wrath of the Lich King with help of these secrets can make you a master. By signing up for the WotLK you will also receive many bonuses. One of these is a valued book of secrets on the Death Knight. If you are lost with the Runic Power System or if you are wondering about Acherus, this book will uncover all that you have ever wanted or needed to know.

2. Benefits and Advantages of Membership.

This membership is for a lifetime. You will get updates and all of the support that you could possibly need. As the game goes on, it will evolve into bigger and better things. You will encounter more bad guys, need to find more weapons and need to be able to find the money to purchase those weapons. This membership will give you the opportunity to be able to get all of this information and so much more.

3. Should You Get The WotLK Secrets Guide?

The WotLK Secrets will allow you to have privileged information that others do not have access to. Imagine, a new boss appears out of nowhere and you and the teams you are running with encounter this new fight. Imagine what your party will say when you know exactly how to defeat him since you already knew that he was going to appear.

By becoming a member, you will be privy to that information and so much more. Get a step ahead of your fellow gamers by becoming a member of WotLK. You will never regret it and be glad you decided to take the plunge and jump ahead of the crowd. So step ahead of the rest and be the best.

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WotLK Secrets


  • Complete List of All New Changes to WoW Mechanics.
  • Guide to All the New Zones, Towns, and Locales.
  • Detailed Raiding Guide for Every Instance and Raid in Northrend.
  • Boss Strategies to Take Down Everyone from the Level 74s in The Nexus to Malygos.
  • No cheats, no hacks, no exploits, 100% legal!
  • A Complete Guide to Every Profession and it’s Changes in the Expansion.
  • Detailed Guide to Making Gold in Northrend.
  • The Inscription Profession Laid Bare for the Gold Makers and Crafters Out There.
  • Every Vital Change Made to Your Class from Mechanics to Abilities to Talents.
  • Every Verified Glyph in the Game for all 10 Classes.
  • New Mounts, the Barbershop, new Factions, new Reputations – All of it is Covered!
  • The New Achievement System with All the Rewards, Titles, and Goals it Entails.

Support: 10 out of 10

Become a lifetime member of the WotLK Secrets and have unlimited updates on everything in the game. Be a winner and don’t get left behind in the dark.

Price: $47.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

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WotLK Secrets

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