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Overall Value: 10 out of 10

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Zygor Leveling Guide holds the precise, most influential, Alliance as well as Horde leveling paths that a few of the professionals will take to the grave, more willingly than share them with you. Initially it is very easier to use. The leveling guide is in fact an add-on which you require to install. It is 100% lawful as well as it works along with all add-ons which you could have installed. It in fact comes with a video to illustrate you how to fit it. The guide is extremely clean looking as well as user friendly. The alt-tabbing is a thing of past with this section of art. Zygor Guide would direct you during your class precise quests.

1. What Are The Advantages Of Zygor Leveling Guide?

One more key feature in Zygor is a waypoint arrow. You could set a waypoint anyplace on the map as well as an arrow would point you to your target. With these brand innovative in-game leveling guides, you essentially have your own tour guide taking you through the complete 1-80 leveling course. For 99.99% of steps in a guide, there is an equivalent “Dot” on your map demonstrating you the correct location where the actual task is executed. These map dots are revealed on your world map, plus on your mini map in the game.

2. My Opinion with Zygor Leveling Guide.

By having just one particular map dot on your World Map and Mini map, you could perhaps already start to see just how astoundingly easy it would be for you to identify accurately where you require to go continually. You in fact have an arrow on screen that points where you require going to finish the present guide step. Moreover, this is actually helpful and cool. The arrow would essentially change the colors depending on how distant you are from guide step position. Red is the furthest away, yellow is middle distance away, as well as green being close to map dot position.

3. Easy To Understand Zygor Leveling Guide.

These guides are extremely simple and would make your leveling procedure much faster. Zygor brand innovative In-Game Leveling Guides are totally automated which means that the guides could actually identify once you have completed the existing guide step plus will instantly move forward to subsequent guide step.

All you need to do is read what is presently is ahead of you in-game, plus do it. That is it! The moment you do what it advises you to do, guides would automatically skip to next step for you to finish. It is in fact unbelievable the technique these things function. Each Zygor Horde and Alliance leveling guides comprise a great map add-on that really creates questing much simpler.

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  • Automatic Quest Tracking.
  • Free Updates for Life.
  • 24 Hour Technical Support.
  • Members only areas, including forums.
  • 4 Free Bonus Guides.

Support: 10 out of 10

The customer service provided by the guide is another feature, which was not known to me that it could be such helpful. There police voice gives me all the necessary information required for the purpose.

Price: $60.00 USD

Money Back Guarantee: 8 weeks

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